Drama Club presents - Betwixt and Between

Monday 12th February 2018 ยท Elaine O' Connor

Drama Club presents - Betwixt and Between

Colaiste Na Riochta proudly presents...Betwixt and Between, another Michael J. Ginnelly rip-roaring comedy on Thursday 15th March @ 7.30pm

When is it ever safe to tell a lie without consequences? Probably never, but Tom thinks he can do just that to cover up new found wealth. But as he spins new stories, his wife Mary, Daughter Joan and Son Sean find it difficult to keep up with the ever changing, growing tales. Next door neighbours Flora and Liam become suspicious. Joan’s marriage to Zac begins with a lie; Sean is shipped off around the world. Someone may be dead that never existed and bones are unearthed in the backyard and all the while Tom is only two sandwiches away from The Workhouse.

All Welcome.



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