Highest Expectations For Our Students

Here at Coláiste na Ríochta, we have very high expectations for our students and work as a team to support students in achieving the highest standard they can. We have small class sizes and teachers take the time to praise, motivate and direct individual students.

We treat our students as equal and give students equal opportunities to ask questions, to investigate and to be part of the learning process. We believe that each student has the ability to succeed academically and we provide every support available to anyone who needs it in this school. We encourage students to take higher papers where possible and monitor students very closely in the learning process.

Differentiated Learning And Teaching

We are acutely aware that we all learn differently. As a staff we have been engaged in the most up to date, internationally recognized training in this area. One third of our teachers have received training in instructional leadership workshops, which is a model we are working towards on a whole school level. 

All students in our school have been exposed to this new way of teaching and learning. Research has shown that in the 21st century educational leaders need to be able to ‘talk the talk’ and importantly, ‘walk the walk’ on approaches that place the individual student and his or her advancement at the centre of the school within a context of evidence-based professional practice by teachers. We at Coláiste na Ríochta ‘walk the walk’.

Good Classroom Environment

The environment in our classroom is reflective of the school culture. Everyone in this school is expected to have respect for each other and respect for the learning process in the classroom.

We work towards warm, friendly and inclusive classrooms where we make time to ensure that students are understanding the syllabi and are able to work independently on work covered in class. We have supports in the school that facilitate any areas of weakness that a child might encounter, special needs are particularly facilitated here as gifted students.

Professional Development

We are continually upskilling our teachers in this school. We encourage and promote professional development and this reflects the values of the Kerry Education and Training Board. We receive specialized teacher training in all areas of education and we are particularly skilled in IT skills, differentiated learning models, student and teacher self-assessment and formal assessment practice.

We follow up to date practice in this area and believe that in order to make best teaching practice common practice, we are preparing teachers for the embedment of instructional leadership and self-evaluation across the school.

School Leadership

The leadership in the school is one that empowers teachers through their learning and subsequently empowers students in their learning. We promote the success of all students in this school by advocating a nurturing school and by sustaining a school culture and instructional program conducive to student learning and staff professional growth. 

We are a new management team and have fantastic support from the Board of Management, The Parents Council and the Students Council. We work as a team to bring about quality and measured learning coupled with personal development for each student in our care.