Attendance and Punctuality

Students must attend all classes regularly. A written explanation of each absence should be sent by parents / guardians to the school, using the School Journal. Students must be punctual at all times. Students who arrive late for classes will be required by the subject teacher to report to the Principal, Deputy Principal or Year Head to explain his or her reason for being late. A record is kept of each late attendance in the School Journal. Persistent offenders will serve detention.


Parents are reminded that they are obliged to provide a written note when their son / daughter has been absent. The School Journal has detachable notes for this purpose. Where applicable, parents should provide medical certification. The S.C.P. (School Completion Program) co-ordinator will ring home when there has been a 2 day absence. Under current legislation, the school authorities must inform the National Educational Welfare Board of students whose cumulative absence exceeds 20 days. 

Coláiste Na Ríochta will write to parents prior to informing the National Education Welfare Board (NEWB) .